Eve Marriage Festival (Kuna Gejesu) 2 Henna night

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Turkish Kuna Gejesu is the marriage eve festival for the bride. Usually performed between 1 week before and the day before the wedding, the men side is not called, just rituals for brides and women. Long ago, often religiously spent in separate places so that men and women do not mimic, Kuna Gejesu is said to have been done in a hammam (Turkish bath) as a party only for women without men . Also, because there are no men's eyes, women can clot with high-exposure clothes, dance, sing songs, and undo. On the other hand, it is also a day of realizing that my daughter got married, and it seems that the bride's mother is shedding tears, strikingly changing the day of wedding just for fun. In Japan, vegetable reddish brown dye known as henna is known, but in Turkey it is called Kuna and in Kuna Gejesui (Henna night) it is painted on the back of the hand and it is used like a gift It is handed out to the souvenir.