France in the Indian Ocean? 48 hours from Japan! A trip to Reunion Island ⑤ Altitude 1200 m town of Cilaos

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"Reunion Island" floating in the Indian Ocean, French overseas province located east of Madagascar Island. Although it is nearly a hemisphere, it is located in the southern hemisphere, so the season is opposite to Japan. It's midsummer in January. Two weeks journey of being fascinated by the beauty of mountains and the sea. The fifth introduction is the Silaos situated in the center of the island. When you climb the road that you twisted from the coastal area for about two hours by car, the town is spreading in the middle of the mountain. This town where climbers often visit. Altitude 1200 m. Recently it has become a tourist landscape and selling a lot of souvenirs. For those dining in this town, a restaurant called Le petit randonneur is recommended! Take a breath in this town and when you further climb it there is a superb view. (Following the trip of Reunion ⑥)