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France in the Indian Ocean? 48 hours from Japan! Travel on Reunion Island ⑦ Lava area coulée de lave 2007


2019-01-27 15:04:49


"Reunion Island" floating in the Indian Ocean, French overseas province located east of Madagascar Island. Although it is nearly a hemisphere, it is located in the southern hemisphere, so the season is opposite to Japan. It's midsummer in January. Two weeks journey of being fascinated by the beauty of mountains and the sea. The last introduction of Reunion's trip is the lava zone coulée de lave 2007. It is a Reunion Island whose size is only as large as Kanagawa Prefecture, but there is an active volcano in the southeastern part and erupts once every few years. This is a lava zone formed when erupting in 2007. When running a car, it is very mysterious that plants only disappear suddenly where the lava flows. It is a lava zone made of eruptions more than 10 years ago, but before that scale, I know the power of the eruption.

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